GTA 1 – Grand Theft Auto Full Download

GTA 1 – Grand Theft Auto Full Download + Patch

The first part of the GTA series, which has an important place in the life of many game enthusiasts all over the world. GTA VI (GTA 6) will soon be introduced thanks to the development of GTA, a groundbreaking game in that time with 3-D graphics. Only until then can we do nostalgia.

Grand Theft Auto is a game about the dominance of the criminal world on the streets. Local crime bosses send our hero to different and difficult tasks. These duties include drug dealing, kidnapping, murder and many other crimes. When you perform these tasks successfully, your reputation in the crime market increases.

Important! We offer you the full version of Rockstar Games for free. The trial version of the game is not the full version.

Installation description:

The game has been made compatible with new Windows operating systems by Rockstar Games. So you can play comfortably.
After downloading the game, run GTAinstaller.exe and choose where to install the program.
Do not enter the game directly after completing the installation. First of all, go to “Settings” from the folder in the Start menu and make the key settings and language settings.
Then you can play the game.
During the game, you can press F11 to adjust the screen resolution.

Click here to download the full version of GTA 1, released in 1997 and loved by computer gamers.

Grand Theft Auto Full Download