Clash Of Clans Tips and Cheats

Some Useful Tips On Clash Of Clans (Cheats)

Although the more you play the game the more you improve, there are some tips, secrets and strategies that can make your game improve faster than usual. Some of these important clash of clans tips have been outlined below.

The game tutorial is important

A lot of players do not take the time to study the tutorials fully before they jump into the game. They prefer to learn as they play. When they run into a hitch, they run back to the tutorial. This is a rather bad way to learn. Even though the tutorials may not give you much of the secrets, it helps you understand every part of the game.

How can you improve in your game when you are still struggling to understand it? When you understand the game very well, you may come up with a fantastic winning strategy on your own. But this will never happen when you are still struggling to understand it. So, get to understand the game first. Take the tutorials very seriously.

Play more of the game to learn more

If you begin to defeat your opponents in your first few games, it is fine. But your focus in the first 10 games should be to learn more and to also see the consequences of your mistakes. If you aim at winning your first few games, you won’t be able to learn much from them. And if you win any of them, it will likely be a fluke.

Play more often because the more you play the more you learn. In fact, it is advisable that you must learn something new in every game. It is very important.

Watch as many games as possible

Don’t learn from only your games. Watch other people’s games too. You can learn from them especially when the players are experts. Watch every move and get to know the motive behind every move. This is another way to learn fast. These experts implement some of the secret strategies while playing the game. This is why you should know the motive behind every move especially the moves that look stupid to you.

Join Clash of Clans Forums

Whenever you come across any clash of clans forums, you should join. A lot of information, news, tricks and tactics are shared in the forums. You can also ask a few questions and you will get several useful answers.

Make use of spells only when it is extremely necessary

Spells are not only expensive but it takes a long while to produce them. The fact that they are extremely effective and useful will keep tempting you to use them. But remember that you have only a limited number. Now think of it, a healing spell starts at 15,000 elixir while a rage spell starts at 23,000 elixir. Does it make sense to use a healing spell in a situation that won’t fetch you more than 15,000 resources?

Your Clan Castle should be at the epicenter of your base

Your clan castle is a very defensive structure especially when placed at the center of your base. The idea behind this is that when it is at the very center, there is no how enemies will invade or attack it without exposing themselves to attacks from your standby troops. So, once you center you clan castle, enemies will approach it with so much restraint.

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